Monday, September 12, 2011


It is true that life is a race. But no one ever runs in a race all by himself. You need people each step on your way to success.

You need people to support you, to appraise you, to direct you and even applaud your victories.

No man is an island. Therefore your ability to get along easily and positively with people would greatly determine your success in life.

Are you receptive to people? Would those above you gladly recommend you for promotion to their league? And would those below you willingly and joyfully want to continue to serve you if they have another alternative?

David was a man who loved his people and they loved him. He lived for the; he worshipped their God with them; he fought their battles for and with them; and he was touched by their needs and feelings.

Even though he was not a people-pleaser, David was a people-person. They danced and mourned with him. They rejoiced and wailed with him. They were committed to him, and he to them. 

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