Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking Steps To Maximize Your Talents & Potentials

Success in life is based on intelligent choices made with intent to advance ones gifts/ potentials.  If your gift or potential must rise to the fore to shine, you must deliberately pursue values or goals that will enhance your talent.

The outcome of your life, which many call destiny, is a product of choice, and it is mostly determined by the steps you decide to take or by the choices you make.

If you decide to sit down and do nothing and hang out with lazy and hopeless people, your potentials would be wasted. Or if you worry all the time about your inadequacies or disadvantaged status, you would never rise to the top. A Swedish proverb says, “Worry gives a small thing a big shadow”.

You must take steps to change your life for good. Yes, it would involve hard work. No one said becoming successful is ever easy.

Note that, success can never be like a stroll in the park. It involves ups and downs; and the choices you make determine whether or not you would reach your goal.

According to John L. Mason, “You cannot stroll to a goal”. Yes, not even Diego Maradonna nor Lionel Messi can ever dream of such feat on the soccer pitch.

Deliberately make decisions that would improve your talents. Take positive steps or make choices to improve what you have. No matter how little the talent you have is, if you commit them to God and take steps to maximize them, your greatness and celebration is inevitable – it is only a matter of time!

See “The David in You… Making Your Gifts & potentials Work For You” by Ben E. Efe for more tips.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

When Talent Is Not Enough!

If talents or gifts were all it takes to succeed in life, there will be no failures in life because everybody has some measure of gift.

The reality of life attests to this. There are many people who started out with silver spoons but ended up with no spoon and nothing at all. There are great sportsmen who shine the brightest as youths only to fizzle out in a few years. There are many brilliant and promising kids at school but who eventually either drop out of school or end up very disappointingly in life.

In truth did the Bible say, “…the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…” (Eccl 9:11).

Success in life requires more than just a gift or talent. It requires the grace of God and a whole lot of other mix or ingredients.

Note that, when there was famine or economic meltdown in the days of Isaac (Genesis 26), what essentially made him to excel was not his family lineage or sweet name. Rather, it was the grace and the presence of God with him.

Success is essentially a grace, for what we call failure is nothing but the absence of God. But for you to enjoy grace, you have to be prepared, because God will not give you that which you are not qualified for.

See “The David in You… Making Your Gifts & potentials Work For You” by Ben E. Efe for more tips.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

“Kill That god”

Bad behaviors are easily formed; but they are very hard to break. They resist and fight attempts to stop them because there influences behind the scene empowering them to dominate and manipulate their victims.

But no matter how bad, hard or long an obsession or wrong practice may be, it can be conquered. 

This book offers simple tips to help you to overcome such wrong lifestyle and indulgences. It would help you make that change to kill the gods behind the obsessions and cravings troubling your life!


Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? And have you ever really sat down to really find out what your purpose in life is?

God created you with a purpose. But many people do not discover their essence and live dissatisfied and unfulfilled lives. “12 Ways To Discover Where Your Life is Going” will help you discover your true self and reveal where your life is heading now.