Monday, September 12, 2011


 A man or person who must excel must be ready to work hard to become what God has ordained him to be.

It is good to dream dreams and make plans. But it is better to take decisive steps and actions that lead to fulfillment of our goals and purpose.

When David heard that there was a prize to be won for fighting Goliath, he immediately got down to business and to take him on.

If you have a desire, a dream or well cut out plan, don't procrastinate or claim to still be “waiting on the Lord”. Step out in faith and take action.

Excellence is not in the duration of your dream or the length of the plans or preparation you make; but it is in the impact you make. Don't let your dream die inside of you. 

“The tragedy of life is what dies inside of a man while he lives!”


It is true that life is a race. But no one ever runs in a race all by himself. You need people each step on your way to success.

You need people to support you, to appraise you, to direct you and even applaud your victories.

No man is an island. Therefore your ability to get along easily and positively with people would greatly determine your success in life.

Are you receptive to people? Would those above you gladly recommend you for promotion to their league? And would those below you willingly and joyfully want to continue to serve you if they have another alternative?

David was a man who loved his people and they loved him. He lived for the; he worshipped their God with them; he fought their battles for and with them; and he was touched by their needs and feelings.

Even though he was not a people-pleaser, David was a people-person. They danced and mourned with him. They rejoiced and wailed with him. They were committed to him, and he to them. 


Mental stability and having a strong character is essential for any endeavour or concern. This is true because you may fail, stumble and fall at some point.

You therefore need courage and emotional stamina to pick your self up and move on.

The ladder of success and excellence is never easy. It is full of difficulties and challenges.

“A man of character finds special attractiveness in difficulty; since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can realize his potentials” -  Charles de Gaulle

David saw Goliath as an opportunity to excel (and actualize his dreams) and he refused to be discouraged by his eldest brother's rebuke (1 Sam 17:28) or become fearful due to the timidity and fright of the soldiers.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You Have The Power To Silence The Enemy

It is true that life involves a constant battle with evil forces; and it is true that the weapons of the enemies against you shall not prosper.
But you have the responsibility of resisting and confronting the plans of darkness against your life. Stand up and fight.
Don't ever give up! You have the power to silence your enemy!

Success is A Choice!

Success in any endeavour does not come by accident; and dedication to ones duty, which leads to excellence, is not a gift. 

You only excel in life by choices you make and the decisive steps you take to follow the path that leads to greatness. 

These include hard work, readiness to horn your gifts and potential; and of course prayers. 

Keep walking the Path To Excellence...You would get there!